Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wat'er You're Options?

Do you leave the water running while brushing your teeth or washing your face? Although these routines might at first seem insignificant, water conservation is of growing concern. In fact, the U.S. General Accounting Office reports that at least 36 states are projecting water shortages between now and 2013.

“While green moms like us are interested in eco-friendlier lifestyles, many are unaware of the biggest ‘water wasters’ or how easy and affordable water saving solutions at home can be,” says Michael Schuster, president and founder of MJSI, Inc., an innovator and manufacturer of water conservation products.

A recent consumer poll* found that only 13 percent of adults believe toilet flushing uses the most water, when in fact, the American Waterworks Association says that toilets are by far the largest source of water consumption in the home.**

Schuster, a fourth generation plumber, recommends following these practical tips to help save water and money:

* Get Your Eco Fix(tures): In addition to shortening showers, save water by installing low-flow shower heads that restrict the flow to less than 2.5 gallons per minute. For example, GROHE WaterCare® shower heads and faucets save up to 30 percent of water, as compared to other standard shower heads.

* Fill It Up: Instead of running dishwashers or washing machines with just a few items, wait until you have full loads to maximize water use. Likewise, fill a pitcher of water to keep chilled in the refrigerator. You won’t waste tap water waiting for it to reach the desired cool, refreshing temperature.

* Green Your Throne: Reduce water use by up to 30 percent by installing the HydroRight™ Dual Flush Converter from MJSI, which allows less water to drain from the tank when flushing liquids and paper. Also try the HydroClean® Fill Valve which helps solve the two biggest reasons for water loss in toilets – incorrect calibration and undetected flapper leaks. The patented Mini-Valve™ enables easy adjustment of the water directed to the toilet bowl, and the TurbuJet™ signals leaky toilets with a gentle, audible “swoosh.”

* Landscape with a Greener Thumb: Reduce consumption outside of the home, too, by selecting native plants requiring less water and time for maintenance. Avoid evaporation by watering in the cool, morning hours and by surrounding vegetation with mulch, which helps hold moisture.

“As a plumber, I learned that water conservation begins at home,” said Schuster. “By following these practical tips, consumers can easily start preserving one of our greatest resources and significantly reduce their water and sewer bills.”

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