Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Airwear Contest!!

Hey Green Moms!

Back to school is approaching, and we want to hear about how you ensure a healthy, safe and successful school year for your kids! Do you plan out healthy lunch and snack options for your kids to bring to school? Do you take your children to the opthamologist for an eye exam over the summer and thoroughly research safe eyewear lenses? Do you teach your kids to wash their hands regularly to stay healthy? Share your tips and tricks with TwitterMoms and Me, for a chance to get a gift card and a voucher for Airwear lenses!

Food for Thought
Airwear would like to remind everyone of the importance of having your child’s eyes examined regularly and equally important is selecting safe, impact-resistant lenses made of polycarbonate. Learning is visual, so eye care is critical! Twenty-five percent of kids struggle with vision problems that impact learning. Eighty percent of everything a child learns in his first 12 years comes through his eyes. If corrective lenses are needed, select lighter, stronger and safer lenses such as Airwear. Their lenses offer safe, durable lenses for children, those who like to play sports and those who push their lenses to the limit. Please include some of this information in your post, so moms gearing up for back to school don't forget that lenses and eye exams are critical to setting your kids on the right path for this upcoming school year.

Airwear and TwitterMoms (and yours truly) is sponsoring an essay contest for consumers, encouraging parents and care-givers to share how they plan to help their kids live a healthy, safe and successful school year. Families can submit their thoughts by visiting LighterSaferGreener.com. One grand prize winner will be awarded $1,000, while 10 first prize winners will receive vouchers for Airwear lenses valued up to $400. On LighterSaferGreener.com can learn more about Airwear’s eco-friendly practices and view more of Aldrich’s tips to ensure kids have a healthy, safe and successful school year. How it works: Create a post on your blog sharing ten tips for ensuring a healthy, safe and successful school year and install the campaign widget in the sidebar of your blog. Then follow the rest of the requirements below. The first fifty qualifying participants will receive a $25 Amazon.com e-gift card and three random winners will get an Airwear voucher with a redeemable value of up to $400!

Highlights from your posts, tweets and tips will be collected and featured on http://airwear.twittermoms.com, and distributed across the web for all to see. The blogging program starts at 12:01am PST on July 20, 2010 and the submission window closes at 11:59pm PST on August 19, 2010. We will contact the first 50 qualifying bloggers and 3 randomly selected winners on or about August 23, 2010. Full terms and conditions are posted for your review at http://airwear.twittermoms.com/terms.


The first fifty (50) qualifying participants will receive a $25 Amazon.com e-gift card. See Terms and Conditions here.

Three (3) random winners
will get an Airwear voucher with a redeemable value of up to $400! See Official Rules here.


To participate, we ask that you:

1. Create a blog post on your blog sharing "Ten Tips for Ensuring a Healthy, Safe and Successful School Year."

2. Participants must include the following disclaimer as a footnote of their post:

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Airwear blogging program, making me eligible to get a $25 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, visit http://airwear.twittermoms.com/about.

3. Install the campaign in the side bar of your blog.

Get widget here

4. Log on to your Twitter account, http://www.twitter.com", and send a tweet including a link to your blog post with the hashtag #airwear.

5. Return to www.TwitterMoms.com and post a comment on this discussion page in the comments section below, including an active link to your blog post and a link to your Twitter tweet. (You can click on the date/time link below your tweet to get the direct link to your tweet.)

6. Complete this address collection form


No purchase required to participate. You must be a legal resident of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, have a personal blog and be a registered user of the www.twittermoms.com and www.twitter.com websites to participate and at least 18 years of age or older at time of submission. See Terms and Conditions.

About Airwear
Airwear polycarbonate lenses are a product of Essilor, the leading manufacturer of optical lenses in the United States. Airwear lenses are light, safe and embrace environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.

Airwear Lens Details:

Designed for comfort, performance, protection and style, Airwear lenses made of polycarbonate material are 43 percent lighter and 25% thinner than standard plastic lenses.
Block 100% of UVA/UVB rays Non- glare
Scratch resistant
Easy to clean

Airwear lenses are better than standard plastic. They are virtually unbreakable and lighter than regular lenses, and are the ultimate choice for every lifestyle for you or your child. Airwear lenses offer unparalleled protection. They are 12x stronger than standard plastic lenses with 100% UV protection. Many eye injuries are preventable. The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that more than 100,000 people sustain eye injuries each year. Airwear lenses are tough and durable — so tough that NASA uses the same material to construct visors for astronauts. Furthermore, 12 to 15 million people annually become blind from cataracts -- and about 20% of those cases may be caused or compounded by sun exposure. Airwear lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Feel the difference. You will see and feel the difference when wearing Airwear lenses. They are lighter and 25% thinner than regular lenses.

Airwear lenses are as versatile as they come. It’s all possible with Airwear lenses. Airwear lenses offer safe, durable lenses for you and your children, those who like to play sports and those who push their lenses to the limit.

Airwear lenses are compatible with the most trusted vision brands and designs, such as Varilux®, Crizal®, Xperio™, DEFINITY and Transitions.


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