Thursday, January 14, 2010

Preserve the Planet

I know, you're busy, so am I, but are you taking the time to protect the planet? Did you know every small step you make towards reducing, reusing and recycling really adds up? The other day, I found my son's used plastic water bottle in the regular trash--I went crazy! "WHAT is THIS doing in the trash? Innocently, my son said, "I thought that was the recycled trash" Sure, I thought-hmmm. "OK, just rinse it out and put it in the right container." Now, why is it that I get so upset about this? Well, for one, it is SO easy to recycle and two, it IS SO EASY to recycle.

Here's the skinny, you put your #5 plastic recycle-ables into the blue bin (or in our house, it's a blue bag taken to our building's big recycle center), and the cycle begins. Companies like Preserve Products (Made in the USA, mind you)then take the recycled "stuff" and make some pretty snappy products that you can use, over and over again. Check out this video clip to find out more, then, hop on over to and become a pro!


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