Saturday, October 27, 2007

It just gets better

Let's face it moms, sometimes convenience wins out in our daily soccer-ballet-music lessons-filled life! Del Monte knows that living healthy and mindful of the environment is on the mind of most moms these days. That's why they've come up with a cost-efficient line of organic canned foods, making organic eating much more affordable and convenient.

Del Monte Organics are grown and packed under strict organic conditions in nutrient-rich soil and are USDA certified organic. It's like having a farmer's market in your own pantry! The canned veggies retail for about $1.25 per can and are available in stores nationwide.

The choices include, organic cut green beans, organic sweet peas, organic whole kernel corn, organic baby leaf spinach, organic sliced carrots, organic tomatoes, organic tomato sauce, organic crushed tomatoes and more!

It's a great way to start your organic veggie journey! Who knows, maybe next summer, you'll be planting your own organic veggies in the back yard!

TOP 10 Reasons to EAT ORGANIC
Organic Products Meet Stringent Standards
Organic Food Tastes Great!
Organic Production Reduces Health Risks
Organic Farms Respect Our Water Resources
Organic Farmers Build Healthy Soil
Organic Farmers Work In Harmony With Nature
Organic Producers are Leaders In Innovative Research
Organic Producers Strive To Preserve Diversity
Organic Farming Helps Keep Rural Communities Healthy
Organic Abundance – Foods and Non-Foods Alike!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Got Vegetables?


It’s a question that haunts any parent out there: How do you get a child to eat her broccoli?

Answer: Put that child in a classroom.

Yes, there can be an alternative way to double-chocolate-brownie birthday parties and candy-crazed holiday celebrations. And the way is lined with fragrant herbal gardens and lush tomatoes…

Seven Generations Ahead, a nonprofit based in Oak Park, Illinois, has been quietly leading the healthy-eating revolution, one child at a time, with its Fresh from the Farm program at area Chicago schools.

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