Thursday, June 28, 2007

Beach Glass

It's amazing how fast summer rolls by; it's already almost the 4th of July!

During the summer we live in Indiana at our summer home, just steps from the beach. It's surely one way to unwind and let the busy cares of the city drift away. One way I've found to cherish my days is to walk along the beach with my father (who happens to live near my summer home).

We decided that the long winter added a few inches to our frame and wanted to shed them quickly without "pain or strain". So, I suggested that we begin walking in the sand and the added bonus was that we would find an occasional piece of colored beach glass along the way.

Ironically, we began collecting over 20, 30 or even 40 pieces each time we went out early each morning. Today along we gathered 73 colored morsels (even a navy blue one).

The fun comes with the challenge of finding the "needles in the haystack" hidden colored, buffed and tumbled glass AND the fact that we know we are slimming down, toning up and building endurance with every step!

The bonus for "Mother Earth" is that we bring a zip lock bag and grab discarded trash, too. It is frustrating to see the random items strewn across the beach, but with a simple swipe, it's gone and disposed of!

Next time you take a walk along the beach or in the park, bring your zip lock bag and lend a hand, you might just find a treasure or two along the way!

(This image is a sliver of the 1 million plastic bottles that Americans discard every year!)